RDYSL Board Meeting

Saturday, October 25, 2003, 2:00PM

EFP Group


Attendance:   Joe Kehm, Neil Fisher, Gary Levine, Peppy Ehrlich, Jacky VanDellon, Sue Gurak, and Mark VanDellon.


Meeting called to order: 2:00 PM


  1. RDYSL AGM preparation and agenda reviewed.
    1. Call of attendance.
    2. Election of RDYSL Executive Board.
    3. Vote on By Law changes.
    4. Review RDYSL budget.
    5. NYSW.
    6. Review RDYSL rule changes.
    7. All-Star team plans.
    8. RDYSL calendar.
    9. DC need.
  2. NYSW AGM discussed:
    1. Mark, Jacky, Gary will represent the league.
    2. Online player registration discussed.
  3. Calendar
    1. Look to start the week of May 17, 2004
    2. Must work league dates. Looking for most weeks to be one game a week for younger age groups.
  4. Rules-reviewed final rule changes to be posted on website.
  5. Need for new girls DC U14 or U16 depending on Joe Kehm’s choice of placement.
  6. Reviewed Mark's website plans.
  7. All-star proposal.
    1. Play in Jr. Rhinos’ June tournaments.
    2. Need more information on cost before Board can vote.
    3. Costs to be reviewed with club presidents.
  8. Age restriction problem.
    1. Look to fix for next season the U10 restriction.
  9. Spring meeting plans.
    1. Need to ease parking problems.
    2. Gary to find out how many cars can park at Dandrea’s.
  10. Missing three minutes (8/3, 8/24, 9/10)
    1. Gary followed up with Mike Nelson.


Meeting closed: 3:55 PM