RDYSL Club Presidents Meeting

Wednesday, September 10, 2003



Board Members Present: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson


Clubs Absent: Byron-Bergen, Genesee Valley Bronze Bear, Genesee Lancers, Holley, Honeoye Falls, Livonia, North Rose, Rush-Henrietta, Webster Eagles, Webster S.A.


  1. Attendance – Club Presidents data sheet circulated and presidents asked to verify attendance and make any changes to data.
  2. Introduction – overview of agenda.
  3. AGM Date – The RDYSL AGM date is scheduled for November 5th. 
  4. Delegate Form – updates are required.
  5. RDYSL By-Laws – changes reviewed.  Vote at AGM.
  6. Travel Vouchers – review of the 2003 travel voucher process.

Pat Tata

3 Watchman Court

Rochester, New York 14624

§         Any travel voucher issues should be brought to the attention of Joe Walton.

§         Please complete 2003 travel voucher payments by September 26th.

  1. Rules and Regulations

                                                               i.      U11 – 60 yards wide, 85 yards long, 8 x 24 ft goal (full size), 8 yard circle arc (modified), 6 yard goal box (full size), 14 yard penalty box (modified), 8 yard penalty spot (modified). 

                                                              ii.      Clubs must work hard to find suitable fields.

                                                            iii.      If a field with the correct dimensions is not available, one option is to play the match as an away match.

                                                            iv.      Penfield concern – with field and goal sizes for all ages and the ability to conform.

                                                             v.      NYW Tony Buiniskis – clubs should strive to be as close as possible.

                                                            vi.      Action for Clubs – if a club cannot abide by the appropriate field dimensions, the club should contact the RDYSL by March.

§         Misconduct and Violations – proposal of two changes to stem the tide of increased misconduct and the number of violations.

                                                               i.      Rule 604 Schedule of Fines and Fees - increase the current suspensions and fines, including a doubling of both for incidents involving a fight.  Suspensions will be served for league matches, passes will not be given back for tournaments until the suspension is served in league matches.

                                                              ii.      Three man referee system for U-17 and U-19 matches.

                                                            iii.      Rule 412 League Standings deduct points from the standings when teams reach a predefined number of cumulative cards for the season.  Minus one point for 10 yellow cards, minus one point for one red card (including two yellow in one game) and minus one point for all multiples of five yellow cards over ten.  Some clubs had an issue regarding handball red cards leading to point deductions.  Board to meet again and rethink this issue.

                                                            iv.      NYSW will be distributing a video on behavior.

                                                             v.      Behavior has a direct impact on referee turn over and retention.

  1. League Schedule Change - recommendation to change U12 and below to a one match per week schedule. Schedule would start in mid May and be completed by the end of July.  As many weeks as possible there would be one match scheduled, with the last couple of weeks being twice per week to fit all games in prior to the end of July.  The days of week staying the same as this past season and Fridays to be avoided whenever possible. 


  1. Meeting Adjourned