RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, August 24, 2003



Attendance: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Susan Gurak, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Gregg Gordon, Tom LaSpina, Ann Marie Mahon


  1. Rule Change Rule 204 Section 3 Teams Playing Up, recommendation to remove 3c and 4c.


  1. Once a Week Schedule Action for Gary to check with Buffalo League to determine the time table they use, including first match and when registration is required to meet the schedule.  Concept to be presented at the Club Presidents Meeting.


  1. Division Sizes strive for divisions with seven teams, resulting in goal of each team playing twelve games.


  1. Call Up System tabled for a year in light of NYSW electronic registration change.


  1. Rule Change Rule 604 recommendation to increase the current suspensions and fines, including a doubling of both for incidents involving a fight.  Suspensions will be served for league matches, passes will not be given back for tournaments until the suspension is served in league matches.  To be presented at the Club Presidents Meeting.


  1. New Rule proposed for deducting points from the standings when teams reach a predefined number of cumulative cards.  Minus one point for 10 yellow cards, minus one point for one red card (includes two yellow in one game) and minus one point for all multiples of five yellow cards over ten.    To be presented at the Club Presidents Meeting.


  1. Addition to Rule 417 Section 2 In-Season Game Change - recommendation to add:


  1. Various RDYSL By-Law & Rules and Regulation Changes other changes proposed and will be documented and distributed in copies of both documents at the Club Presidents meeting scheduled for Wednesday September 10th.


  1. All-Stars Gary Levine proposal that the RDYSL develop and sponsor all-star teams.  Various ideas discussed, Gary will define a proposal and present it at the Club Presidents meeting.  Neil will investigate Needham, Mass. Tournaments.


  1. NYSW Elections Gary informs that a Secretary position is open on the NYSW Board.  Is this an opportunity to get RDYSL representation on the NYSW Board?


  1. Referee Issues

        New president Pat Tata.

        Invite referee representation to Club Presidents meeting.


  1. Three Referee System proposal to have three referees for all U-17 and U-19 matches.  To be presented at the Club Presidents Meeting.