RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, August 3, 2003



Absent: Mike Nelson


  1. Club Registration for 2004 – it is believed that all clubs are returning next year.


  1. Division Coordinators (DC’s) Report – problem teams identified and they should get a president’s letter.


  1. Web Report – Mark provides a report on the status of the website.


  1. Coach Licensing Course in the spring – Dave Matthews will coordinate.


  1. AGM Date – set for Wednesday November 5, 2003 at Dandrea’s.


  1. Disciplinary Subcommittee – Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Tom Laspina and Dave Matthews will develop recommendations for next meeting.


  1. Field Sizes and Conditions – emphasis for 2004 will be to enforce existing sizes and the need for appropriate conditions.


  1. U10’s – players must participate in one half game … rule set by USYSA.


  1. Once a Week Schedule – agreement to embrace concept if clubs can obtain fields.


  1. Referee Meeting – need to have RDYSL representative attend referee meeting to explain RDYSL rules and provide review of game reports.


  1. RDYSL Bylaws – proposed changes discussed.


  1. Scholarships – RDYSL sponsored scholarships to be changed to 4 x $250 rather than the current 1 x $1,000 scholarship.


  1. Meeting Adjourned – to be completed on 8/24.