RDYSL Spring General Meeting

Thursday, April 24, 2003, 7:00P.M.

Dandrea's Party House



Board Members Present: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Lou Boyon, Mike Nelson


Clubs Not In Attendance: Brighton S.C., Genesee Lancers S.C., Honeoye Falls S.C., Irondequoit S.C., Livonia S.C., North Rose S.C., Rush-Henrietta S.C., Spencerport S.C.


Meeting called to order: 7:05 P.M.


1.      Attendance sheet passed around the room.

2.      Opening Comments - Gary Levine

        Spring General Meeting - next year there may not be a meeting if it is determined that the website can be used to distribute the required information (e.g., schedules).

        Division Coordinators - great job working through the division alignments and scheduling work.

        Introduction of the Board

        Roger Best NYSWYSA

-         Travel requests can be found on the NYSWYSA website.Requests are fairly straight forward, except out of country travel requests (including to Canada), which may require additional assistance.

-         Certificate of Insurance information can be found on the NYSWYSA website

-         Cup Schedule

3.      Rochester Rhinos - David Zygaj

        Season Ticket information.

        New Stadium construction is scheduled to begin this June.

        Rhinos expect to hold many events in addition Rhino games.Question was asked if the stadium would be available for occasional RDYSL events, answer was it can be discussed.

        The Rhino's are mailing a letter out to introduce new ideas.

        Rhino's summer camps

        Question was asked on what type of surface would the new stadium have, answer was that various surfaces are being considered, but no decision has been made.

4.      Referee Contract - Gary Levine

        Negotiations began in January and the contract was signed in April.

        No increase in fees.

        No travel expense will be paid at the time of the game (at the field).

        Travel fees for the referees will be $12 when the referee has traveled thirty miles or more.The $12 fee is fixed.The referee submits a travel voucher found on the RDYSL website and the mileage is determined by Map Quest.Referees submit the request to the referee coordinator, who forwards the vouchers to RDYSL Referee Liaison (Joe Walton).Joe Walton will pass the fee charges on to the clubs.Mileage is determined on the starting point for the referee, either home or work.

5.      Game Evaluation Forms - Gary Levine

        Clubs are asked to encourage their coaches to submit referee evaluations for each game.The evaluation forms can be found on the RDYSL website, the game number is required, but not the referees name.The RDYSL is attempting to collect data that can be used for future negotiations and improvements on referee quality of service.

6.      Conduct - Gary Levine

        Clubs are asked to remind their coaches that parent conduct starts with good conduct by each coach as an example and by setting the right expectations with parents.

7.      General Comments - Mark VanDellon

        Good risk management includes using caution when deciding on the content of club websites.Player profiles, addresses and pictures with full or last names should be avoided.

        Information on the RDYSL website is subject to change, so please double check it when necessary.

        Thirty-one clubs for the 2003 season.This is down one from last year (Jr. Rhino's).

        468 teams and 2,800 games in 2003, up from 2,600 games in 2002.

        There were 740 game changes to the preliminary schedule this year, 470 last year.

        Some of the additional game changes were due to the nine and ten year old game times.This year the preliminary schedule only had one time per night versus last year when it had two (6:15 and 7:15).Many clubs required two games per field in order to accommodate the all games and therefore required changes.

        Game corrections are required by May 1st.Field conflict file was emailed out to clubs to use as a starting point for checking all games for accuracy.

        The RDYSL website has the following information

-         Voting delegates form to be filled out by each club and mailed to Gary Levine within the next couple of weeks.

-         Field maps

-         Score and standing updates.The DC is responsible for this not the Webmaster.The DC's have already told the teams in their division on the frequency that they expect to be able to make updates.

-         Contact lists, which are only as good as the data that has been provided.Please have your teams verify email and phone number information.

8.      Registrar Comments - Jacky VanDellon

        If you have questions on what you club team number is for the E-Travel form contact Jacky.Next year the team numbers will be needed on your certified rosters and player passes.

        No emergencies will be accepted for passes.

        Ice storm extension to the scheduling process was an exception.

        Cooperation and pleasant communication with DC's is expected.

        Referees are attempting to avoid conflicts with referee affiliations with clubs, teams and players.

9.      General Comments - Neil Fisher

        The eight and nine year old divisions will not have scores or standings this year.

        RDYSL rules mandate that teams must be on opposite sides of the field.

        Red cards cannot be appealed.

        Please contact the DC's first and escalate, only when necessary, to the Gender V.P., followed by the President.

        Three referees can be provided for a game, but only upon special request.

        Postponed games must be rescheduled within seven days.If the two teams involved have not done so, the DC will pick a date.RDYSL Rule VIII, C - Game changes will not be allowed after the determined date except for:

1)      New York State Cup / Presidents Cup conflicts

2)      Acts of God

3)      Towns or schools officially declare Field unplayable.

        If no referee shows up for a scheduled game, teams should try and play the game with a mutually agreed upon referee.The DC should be notified ASAP.

        Referee can be paid with cash or check.

        All players must have a pass.

        Games can be played with as few as seven players.

        Any representative of a team can sign the game report.Pay attention to the score.

        Red Cards will mean that a playerís pass is confiscated and turned in with the referee report.The subsequent fine must then be paid (checks only) and the suspension served prior to getting the player pass back.

        Three yellow cards accumulated in one season will result in a one game suspension and the same fine as a Red Card.

        Club Presidents will receive fine reports once a week during the season.

        Protests will not be accepted unless a specific rule is being referenced.Protests are not allowed on judgement calls.

        Board member Joe Walton will facilitate disciplinary hearings.

        For league games U8 players must be eight years old by midnight July 31st.Age rules for Tournaments are up to the hosting club.

        If a game is canceled due to weather, a referee is entitled to the travel fee ($12) and the full fee if the game was started prior to the weather stoppage.

10.  Introduction of future discussions that clubs should think about and provide Gary with your interest or feedback - Gary Levine

        Call Up System.

        Expansion of the season.

        Fine tuning the placement of teamís process.

        Coaching seminars - the league role in providing them and the availability of them.

        League bylaws.

        Region 1 Select Leagues.


Meeting adjourned: 8:30pm