RDYSL Board Meeting

Tuesday, April 22, 2003, 7:00P.M.

EFP Group



Present: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Dave Matthews, Joe Walton, Lou Boyon, Joe Kehm, Kurt Knoblauch, Susan Gurak, Mike Nelson, Peppy Ehrlich, Gregg Gordon, Tom LaSpina


Meeting called to order: 7:00 P.M.


1.      The referee contract has been signed and is on the website.

2.      Identify and discuss agenda topics for the Thursday April 24, 2003 General meeting.

        Communicate referee travel fee changes

        Emphasis this year will be to provide Club Presidents with timely reporting from DC's on incorrect or incomplete paperwork received from coaches.

        Encourage coaches to fill out referee evaluation forms (on the website) so that the RDYSL referee liaison (Joe Walton) will be able to provide appropriate feedback to the referee association when working ongoing improvements.

3.      Review of a few key conduct rules / expectations for the teams (e.g., teams on opposite sides of the field)

4.      Mark VanDellon will cover of few points relating to the website:

        May 1st is the deadline for edit changes to the schedule, at which time the schedule will be considered final.

        Encourage the clubs to verify the schedule accuracy, particularly checking for field conflicts.

        Process for edits.

5.      Discussion on what to do about conflict resolution. Example if a team doesn't have a field by May 1st - consensus is that the game will be played on the scheduled date and the teams will find a field one way or another, which may mean playing the game at the away teams field.

6.      Jacky VanDellon and Neil Fisher will cover a few odds and ends.

7.      Gary will introduce several topics of interest that the Board may be discussing in future meetings and welcomes the Clubs to provide input based on level of interest. Examples:

        Coaching Seminars

        Call ups

        Expanded season

        Region 1 leagues or mini seasons

8.      Distribution of information for organizations or individuals from outside of the club. Consensus was that our policy is to reference them to the website for contact information and distribute their information themselves.

9.      Gary provided a status on the bids that he has received for logo designs and shirts.

10.  RDYSL bylaws need to be aligned with NYSWYSA bylaws.

11.  Rochester Metros late request for entry into the league - denied.

12.  Disciplinary issues will be coordinated by Joe Walton and for each instance requiring a review or action, Joe will work with the DC and the Gender VP. DC's should feel comfortable escalating concerns directly to Club Presidents when necessary.

13.  Jacky reinforced that the DC's need to remember to be consistent, fair and tough when dealing with coaches on proper paperwork and fines. One approach might be to use the fine form to warn a coach on first infraction, by using the form with a $0 charge.


Meeting adjourned: 9:00pm