RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, March 2 2003 - 6:00P.M.

EFP Group


Present: Gary Levine, Kurt Knoblauch, Neil Fisher, Dave Matthews, Mark VanDellon, Joe Kehm, Ann Marie Mahon, Mike Nelson, Susan Gurak, Jacky VanDellon, Tom LaSpina, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Gregg Gordon


Meeting called to order: 6:05 P.M.


1.      Introductions

2.      Gary provided a short introduction of Mike Nelson as a proposed candidate for the open Secretary position on the Board.  Gary asked if anyone was opposed, there was no opposition and Mike Nelson was welcomed to the Board as Secretary.

3.      Each Division Coordinator reviewed the number of teams in their age groups and the breakdown of the divisions by number of teams.  Several of the Division Coordinators shared the reasoning that went behind the decisions to align the divisions the way they were aligned.

4.      Neil, Jacky and Mark reviewed Division Coordinator (DC) meeting details or issues to cover with coaches:

·        Email out to each team

·        Make coaches aware of the website (including link that will be available so that they can print there own teams schedule only)

·        Preliminary Schedule - normally distributed at the meeting (dependent on Lou's progress)

·        No division changes will be discussed

·        Provide coaches with times that will be acceptable for contacting the DC

·        Make sure to get alternate contacts for each coach

·        Game changes process - website enter game #, enter new time or date, both coaches required to send email confirming

·        DC will need to keep a spreadsheet of changes that need to be sent to Lou periodically

·        There are two forms on the website- 1) game & date change 2) field change (to Lou only)

·        League rules on game changes after the schedule is locked down

·        Set the expectation for how often the coaches can expect to see game scores updated on the website

·        Ignorance of the rule is no excuse (rules on the website)

·        Three yellow cards - it is incumbent on the coaches to sit their player

·        Clarification on Transfer player vs. New player - transfer within league May 15, drop add June 30

·        There is a fine for both teams sitting on the same side of the field (home team gets first pick)

·        Coaches and managers risk management pass must be with the player passes when registering

·        Rainouts must be re-scheduled within seven days or there is a fine

·        No game will be played without passes

·        Home coach must send email to the other team with a confirmation on the field and a map

·        Home team pays ref

·        Coach responsible for players actions

·        Team causing game termination will forfeit, there are also team and individual fines

·        Referee reports will be given more attention this year

·        Coaches are required to report serve issues (violence involving police, injuries involving an ambulance, etc.) immediately after the game (that night) to the DC

·        Make them aware that team photos of appropriate size and compression can be posted on the website (no names will be used)

·        Red cards - suspensions will not count against the 18 player / game limit for teams with 22 players

·        Red card fines should be collected right away and forwarded

·        DC should be as uniform as possible in applying the rules


5.      Patches for U9 players - various ideas shared, Gary will verify pricing and bring to future meeting for additional discussion

6.      RDYSL logo for letterhead, website and shirts.  All seem in favor, will require design and review and future meeting, Gary will pursue

7.      Shirt, sweatshirt or wind shirt with RDYSL Board Member on them - Gary will investigate

8.      Red Card Rule (#9A5) - player must serve the required game suspension and the pass is not available until the game suspension has been served.  This will impact the player’s availability for a tournament when the suspension has not been served prior to tournament, regardless of when the player receives the card (e.g. Thursday and there are no additional league games prior to that weekend)  RDYSL rule should be followed.

9.      Jacky initiated a discussion on the playing up rule (one age group) and how it should be applied.  A proposal for 2004 was presented and discussed.  To be included in a future Board meeting.  Gary suggested that he would like to have a meeting in September to cover end of season DC reports and rule change proposals.

10.  Review of the upcoming meeting schedule (on website).


Meeting adjourned: