RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, February 9, 2003, 2:00 P.M.

EFP Group

Present: Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Joe Kehm, Joe Walton, Ann Marie Mahon, Mark VanDellon, Greg Gordon, Lou Boyon, Jacky VanDellon, Peppy Ehrlich

Meeting called to order: 2:05 P.M.


1.         Jacky announced as girls registrar and Lou as boys registrar.  Gary to notify clubs.

2.         Teams packets picked up by all except Brighton, Fairport and North Rose.  Mark to remind clubs.

3.         Announce Andrea's resignation as secretary and DC.  Gary to recruit secretary.  Hope to fill DC from one of the teams registered in U17 & U19 girls division.

4.         Gifts.

5.         Scholarship fund-need to redo form.  Gary to provide initial draft.

6.         Donations.

7.         Expanded schedule to 14 games will not be done this season.  Needs more investigation.  Need to bring to clubs for a vote.

8.         U9-12 schedule-give one game per week in early part of season if possible.

9.         The division size within league has target of 7 teams. Flexible to fit situations.

10.     Delinquent clubs-use bonds to pay delinquent fees owed.  If club is delinquent on paying fines, the next years bond will be increase by $50 per gender in addition to replenishing the bond.  Single gender club will pay $50 more bond and $100 for clubs with both genders.  Clubs increased bond is reduced to normal after 3 years of timely fines payments.

11.     Referee Contract status – still awaiting referee confirmation.

12.     Education - Gary to contact NYSW regarding coach’s clinic in spring.

13.     AGM-move to end of November.  Needs to follow NYSW's AGM.

14.     Red Card and tournaments-Discussed sitting out RDYSL game.  Need to revisit.

15.     Call up system-Proposal to address attendance issue. Gary to check with NYSW on viability. Would revisit and perhaps bring to body for decision.

16.     First and second place shirts need to put out for bids.  Gary to check files for information.

17.     Mark to provide team packets for DCs at next meeting.

·           Game report envelopes, stamps and mailing labels supplied but need to be assembled by DC.

·           Team packet to contain:

a)        List of coaches.

b)        List of board members.

c)        Blank game report.

d)        Filled out game report.

e)        Preliminary schedule for that age group.

f)          Six home game envelopes.


Meeting adjourned: 4:45PM