RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, January 26, 2003, 2:00 P.M.

D’Andrea’s Party House


Present: Gary Levine, Mark VanDellon, Jacky VanDellon, Peppy Ehrlich, Neil Fisher, Kurt Knoblauch, Lou Boyon, Sue Gurak, Joe Kehm, Andrea Patton, Ann Marie Mahon


Meeting called to order: 2:05 P.M.


1.      Girls’ V.P. Replacement

·        Neil Fisher will move from 2nd VP to 1st VP and continue as Boys VP.

·        Jacky VanDellon will become 2nd V.P. and Girls VP.

·        Joe Walton will become 3rd V.P. for Discipline and Referees.

·        Unanimous vote


2.      Team Registration Forms for 2003 and Website – Mark VanDellon

·        Need home mailing addresses for D.C.s.

·        D.C.s can give their phone number at the Coaches Meeting if they desire.

·        If team attempts to play up and register in a higher division it will receive a warning at the time the form is submitted on the website.

·        Confirmation will go to coach and alternate.

·        Coach should fill in daytime phone number if possible.  This provides a means of contact should the game be cancelled or changed with a short notice.

·        Gary will send a letter to Clubs that have not registered any teams close to the end of registration time.

·        Directions on forming divisions for D.C.s.

·        Team names must be unique and not include age division.

·        D.C. must use best judgment to place team in correct division.  This will help generate the sharpest divisions with the highest level of competition.

·        Both coaches must still submit game change forms.

·        Each Club must have up to 3 field coordinators to handle fields.

·        Only field change coordinator can submit field change form.  They must group many field changes onto one form.  This is to minimize the flood of individual field changes that were submitted in the past.

·        Mark will send letter to Clubs to e-mail names of field coordinators.

·        Lou will generate the final uncorrected schedule that is posted on the website.  Teams will have 1 week to confirm the schedule – then it is final.  A final schedule is then posted to the website.

·        Review of fines.

·        Review of Game Feedback forms.


3.      Rules and Regulations

·        Urge coaches to read rules before the season begins.

·        Coaches should go first to D.C. and then to Gender V.P.

·        League Standings have no scores for U-9.

·        Ineligible players result in a game forfeit and removal of 3 points.

·        Risk Management – fine coach if he/she does not have risk management or coaches’ pass at game.

·        All coaches must have player passes for games.

·        Red Card-If team has more than 18 players they may replace the player that rec. red card in next game.

·        Terminated game as a result of a team’s misconduct (players, coaches or spectators) will result in forfeit by offending team.


4.      Jacky to investigate feasibility of patches for U10 age group.


Next meeting at EFP Group on 2/9/03.


Meeting Adjourned:  5:00 P.M.