RDYSL Special Meeting

Wednesday, December 11, 2002 – 7:00 P.M.

D’Andrea’s Party House


Board Present – Gary Levine, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Mark VanDellon, Jacky VanDellon, Andrea Patton


Clubs Not Present – Chili S.C., Holley S. C., Honeoye Falls S.C.


1         Agenda Items – Gary Levine

·         RDYSL by-laws say RDYSL must follow NYSW.

·         Items to consider:

a)       Dual registration

b)       Expanded rosters

·         Guests Present at Meeting to help League understand the issues - Roger Best and Tony Buniskis from NYSW.

2         Issue #1 – Gary Levine

·         Proposal to allow U15 and up play with an expanded roster – 22 players.

·         Does RDYSL want this rule and to what age groups does the League want the rule to apply.

·         Expanded roster would be a benefit for divisions that have difficulty with player attendance.

·         Possible next year players will be registered to Club rather than a team - players will be able to play up.

·         Discussion followed by Club representatives concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the rule change for teams.

·         Tony Buniskis reminded Clubs that teams that play in State Cup could only have 18 registered players on the roster.

·         Gary suggested that if Clubs have already formed teams they could call up players who have been cut to reach the 22-player limit.

·         Bill Beach asked how red cards would be handled - will player sit out next game?

·         Gary – team can have 18 players but player who received the red card cannot play.

·         Motion -- Curt Regruit from Penfield Rangers – RDYSL allow teams to expand their rosters to 22 players in divisions U13 and above.

·         Second – Shane Graham from Spencerport.

·         Further discussion – Peppy Ehrlich asked about teams going to Tournaments.

·         Gary – Tournament rules apply to teams.

·         Tony – if tournament allows 18 players than roster 18 of the 22 and that is the roster of players that the team plays.

·         Vote –

a)       28 Clubs in favor

b)       2 Clubs opposed (Pittsford Mustangs and Pittsford Hawks)
Motion passed

3         Dual Registration – Gary Levine

·         Two years ago RDYSL voted against dual rostering.

·         Sandy Ostrepo says RDYSL cannot be against dual registration.

·         Issue concerns whether RDYSL allows only primary players or does RDYSL allow primary and secondary players?

·         A primary player is the team a player signs with first and the player plays for that Club/team before any other team - secondary players have a form for release and registrar makes sure player is listed on roster as secondary and player has a secondary player pass.

·         Premier League does not have any restrictions against primary or secondary players.

·         Gary – proposal that RDYSL will accept only primary players.

·         Discussion followed by Club representatives concerning the advantages and disadvantages of dual registered players.

·          Gary – League may designate only primary players but players should play at highest level – RDYSL does not want to hold a player back.

·         Tony B. – players should be allowed to achieve highest level – player needs to decide which team is going to play State Cup and that team should be primary team.

·         Gary – presently RDYSL rules do not fit parent organization so RDYSL has to make rules fit.

·         Tony B. – NYSW is compliance allowing open and free players – this is driven by the National – look at what is best for players and League  - possibly limit the number of players who can have dual registration.

·         Motion -- Rick Frisicano from the Greece Eclipse – RDYSL will allow a maximum of three (3) secondary  players (dual-rostered) be part of maximum number in any age group.

a)       Second – Mike Mirabella from Gates S.C.

·         Discussion continued.

·         Gary – issue can be revisited next year.

·         Tony B. – State Cup team must be player’s primary team – player can play on only one (1) State Cup team.

·         Gary – there will be no penalty if player decides to play for secondary team when he/she should be playing for primary team.

·         Gary – must take vote to allow three (3) secondary players per team to be part of maximum number in any age group.

·         Vote:

a)       216 votes to allow three (3) secondary players.

b)       116 votes against allowing three (3) secondary players.

c)       15 votes – abstention.

d)       98 votes not present.

e)       Motion passed in favor of three (3) secondary players to be part of maximum number of players on any team in any age group in RDYSL.



Respectfully submitted,

Andrea W. Patton