RDYSL Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 7, 2002 – 7:00 P.M.

Dandrea’s Party House


Board Members Present:  Ken Bliss, Lou Boyon, Neil Fisher, Mark Ivison, Kurt Knoblauch, Peppy Ehrlich, Joe Walton, Andrea Patton


Clubs Not In Attendance:  Chili S.C., Holley S.C., Honeoye Falls S.C., Penfield Strikers, Rochester Jr. Rhinos


Meeting Called to Order: 7:05 P.M.


1         Roll Call – Andrea Patton

·         Clubs Not In Attendance (5):  Chili S.C., Holley S.C., Honeoye Falls S.C., Penfield Strikers, Rochester Jr. Rhinos


2         Announcements

·         Rhinos – Andy Milner

i)         Tour D’Cure – diabetes

ii)       Goal is to have teams participate

iii)      Team building and community service

iv)     Will send e-mail about participation

·         Rhinos – Dave Zagai

i)         Thank you to the soccer community for support

ii)       Support is important for Stadium issue

iii)      Goal is to have Youth organizations more involved

iv)     Planning meetings to meet with Clubs

v)       Looking forward to another great year

3         Treasurer’s Report – Lou Boyon

·         Final statement for 2002

·         Projected a deficit but RDYSL had a $701 gain

·         Reason - $1500 more than budgeted in fines

·         12 player red cards and 6 coach’s red cards

·         RDYSL net worth - $71,801.62

·         Project - $6950.00 loss for next season

·         RDYSL fees will remain the same - $2.50 per player, $11.00 for NYSW ($6.00 of the $11 for insurance)


4         Player Registration – Ken Bliss and Lou Boyon

·         NYSW has a directive that jersey numbers have to be on the Registration

·         Difficult for Clubs because most Clubs have not received uniforms yet

·         This directive came from an altercation where player sis not have number on jersey and referee could not identify him – not a problem for RDYSL because all jerseys have a number and referee has a roster for each team with players and jersey numbers listed

·         Ken sent an email to Tim Millander about this directive.  Teams have registered already without having all this information – requests for new information on registration should be sent one year in advance so RDYSL and Clubs can adjust registration requirements

·         Ken concerned because information on players may be distributed by NYSW

·         Discussion followed

·         Peppy Ehrlich made a motion – Effective tonight, RDYSL will not allow player information to be sold, rented or otherwise distributed
Second – Mike Mirabella

·         Discussion followed

·         Voice vote – All in favor – Unanimous
                                            None opposed

·         Ken will send letter to NYSW this week reflecting the RDYSL motion and vote

·         Curt Regruit – Clubs need to ask NYSW at the Annual General Meeting why it needs this player information – NYSW does a lot to improve soccer

·         Discussion followed

·         Ken will send a letter asking to have concerns added to the AGM agenda

·         Ken urged all Club members to check the NYSW Website to read changes that are being proposed and/or voted on at the AGM next weekend


5         Referee Contract – Mark Ivison

·         Have been no meetings between Referee Unit and RDYSL

·         Recently negotiators have been replaced in Referee Unit

·         Possibility that Referee Unit will request an increase in fees due to taxes

·         Issue arose from a request by Lou Boyon for a Tax ID number of Referee Unit

·         RDYSL should be issuing 1099s to the Referee Unit

·         One possible way is to pay Referees Unit ½ at the beginning of the season and ½ after season  - no money will be exchanged at the fields

·         Dick Reif is new negotiator

·         Surveys show that RDYSL is one of the highest paid Leagues


6         Dan Phelps – Cobras

·         There is a difficulty lining up and printing the player passes – can be done with some re-aligning

·         Risk Management form has changed – make sure to use new form


7         Sandy Sherman – Brighton

·         22 man roster being proposed by NYSW

·         Ken Bliss – have to call Texas to see if this is/is not allowed


8         Election of Officers – Ken Bliss

·         Ken has been involved for 26 years – soccer has been wonderful to his family

·         Recommendations of Nominating Committee for  RDYSL Officers – RDYSL will accept one vote for each if no opponents or objections:


Secretary – Andrea Patton – 1 vote

Treasurer – Lou Boyon – 1 vote

4th VP – Website – Mark VanDellon – 1 vote

3rd VP – Disciplinary Concerns – Jacky VanDellon – 1 vote

2nd VP – Boys – Neil Fisher – 1 vote

1st VP – Girls – Mark Ivison – 1 vote

President – Gary Levine – 1 vote


·         Slate accepted by RDYSL


9         Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 P.M.