August 18, 2002  - RDYSL Board Meeting

D’Andrea’s Party House – 6:30 P.M.


Present:  Ken Bliss,  Mark Ivison, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon,  Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Joe Walton, Peppy Ehrlich, Ann Marie Mahon, Dave Pratt, Kurt Knoblauch, Dave Rich, Andrea Patton


1         RDYSL – Ken

·         There might be three or four openings for RDYSL Board members for the 2003 season.

·         Referee fines will need to be corrected by Division Coordinators.

·         D.C.s will go through the list of fines from Franz Sauer and check to make sure fines are correct.

·         D.C. will add any corrections/changes to the fine list on the Website.

·         If there is a question about a fine, the D.C. will get back to Ken for clarification.

·         D.C. will add changes only if the fine differs from the sheet set by Ken.

·         Clubs are not to be fined for rained out fields – RDYSL pays a $5.00 or $10.00 fine.

·         Board needs to stipulate specifically when a coach or spectator fine is levied if the referee checks “poor” for coach or spectator conduct.

·         Risk Management Passes on Game reports.

·         NYSW requires all coaches, assistant coaches and managers to have Risk Management passes.

·         Risk Management pass number should appear on the game report.

·         Rule from NYSW is difficult to enforce as it stands now.

·         A copy of the coach’s Risk Management pass must accompany the team roster when Lou sends it to NYSW.

·         Lou will ask NYSW about process so it can be clarified and explained to Clubs/teams for next the 2003 season.

2         Treasurer’s Report – Lou

·         RDYSL expected to be about $7000 in arrears after the 2002 season but is only a couple thousand dollars because of high amount of fines.

·         RDYSL would like to budget without relying on the fines for income.

·         Budget is fine as it stands.

·         If there was a surplus the RDYSL money could be used for other purposes for players.

·         RDYSL is keeping cost low for players – presently $2.50 per player.

3         2003 Season – Ken

·         Referee contract needs to be worked on immediately.

·         Mark I., Neil and Jacky volunteered and Mark I. Will head the committee.

·         Referee contact is Bob Camman.

·         Need to have a proposal before meeting with Referees’ Unit.

·         Lou – need to find out what other areas in N.Y. State are paying referees.

4         Y – League – Peppy

·         Y – League is not recognized as a League – not part of the U.S. Soccer Federation.

·         There are no passes in Y – League.

·         Players can play on a RDYSL team.

·          An entire Y – League team cannot enter RDYSL.

5         Jr. Rhinos and Letter from Dave Zygaj

·         Discussion of the letter from Dave Zygaj and the initiatives of the Rhinos regarding the soccer community and the Jr. Rhinos in the 2003 season.


Meeting Adjourned – 9:20 P.M.