June 15, 2002 - Board Meeting

1632 Creek Street


Present:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Mark VanDellon, Kurt Knoblauch, AnnMarie Mahon, Andrea Patton


Meeting Called to Order:  6:35 PM


  1. Ken – Information

·         RDYSL has had three (3) meetings with the Rhinos.

·         RDYSL has passed on comments and information from Clubs and individuals.

  1. Hearing

·         There will be a RDYSL hearing next Sunday (6/30) at D’Andrea’s Party House.

·         Concerns protest on field size.

·         RDYSL needs at least three (3) Board members.

·          Lou, Neil and Ken will attend.

  1. Game Altercations

·          A  Honeoye Falls player punched a Brighton player.

·         Assault charges were filed against the Honeoye Falls player.

·         U13 Girls – Recent correspondence has alleged the Metrostars have assaulted and insulted other players.

·         Player has been suspended.

·         League needs referee report of incidents to be able to respond.

·         Referee report is the proof that RDYSL needs to pursue incidents.

·         RDYSL cannot do anything if referee report does not see or mention incident.

·         If player is seriously injured it is the domain of the VP of Discipline.

  1. Neil – Board Member Responsibility

·         What responsibility does Board member have if he/she attends a game and sees an infraction with procedure or behavior?

·         Board member has a responsibility to bring the infraction to the attention of the referee or coach.

·         Board member points out the infraction to the coach and/or referee and then lets the coach and/or referee handle the situation.

  1. Ken

·         Player’s family has asked RDYSL to allow player to transfer from one team to another in RDYSL.

·         Transfer cut-off date is May 15.

·         Request was made after the cut-off date so transfer cannot be allowed.

·         RDYSL rule changes can be made only at General Meeting in November.

·         RDYSL Board does not have the authority to make exceptions to rules – Board only has the authority to enforce the rules.

·         Board members need to clearly understand an issue before they respond to it.


Meeting Adjourned:  7:50 PM