April 24, 2002 RDYSL General Meeting

D’Andrea’s Party House – 7 P.M.


Clubs Not in Attendance:  Penfield Strikers, Stormers S.C., Wayne S.C.


Board Members in Attendance:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Kurt Knoblauch, Mark VanDellon, Dave Rich, Peppy Ehrlich, Dave Pratt, Dave Matthews, Joe Walton, Andrea Patton


1.      NYSW – Roger Best

·        Roger needs disk for computerized registration from each Club.

·        This is not a new requirement – it was voted on at AGM.

·        Disk is due by June 1.

·        If Club is in State cup – disk must be submitted by April 26 or team is disqualified.

·        Send bulk of registrations to Roger now and send in the rest later.

·        Disk is created from Logical solutions software on NYSW Website.

2.      Rochester Rhinos Youth Coordinator – Davis Zygij

·        Rhinos sent out survey but have received only eleven (11) responses.

·        Surveys still available.

·        Call Dave Z. if an issue needs to be discussed.

·        Ken urged all those who have called to express an issue concerning the Rhinos to please send in the survey.

3.      U9 –10 for the 2003 Season

·        NYSW Annual Meeting a vote was taken which prohibited U 9 from playing in a competitive League.

·        In 2004 there will be no U9 or U10 in competitive League.

·        RDYSL will offer a travel division for U9 with no scores and no standings.

·        The games will be basically friendlies.

·        There will be game reports in case of injuries or misconduct.

·        Roster size will be at 14.

·        Some clubs may run their own programs.

·        Players will be registered and insured.

·        Suggestion to have RDYSL arrange fields and let Clubs decide games (5v5 or 7v7)  - Ken responded that this would be a legal issue for the League.

·        Penfield Rangers (Curt Regruit) have a format for blending Recreation with the Club - will also have a Center for Excellence and offered to help any Club set up a format.

·        This season the division will stand as it is.

·        Next year Club organization may be a possibility.

·        Note from Franz asking U9 and 10 to double up games – often just a change of time and/or field is needed – must be done by May 1.

·        RDYSL rule that teams and spectators stay on opposite sides of fields – home team decides their side of field.

·        If opposing team refuses to go to the other side the game is a forfeit ($150) – referee will ask and then leave the field – team that refuses to move will pay the forfeit fine.

·        This is in the Coaches’ instructions and was covered at the Coaches’ Meeting.

·        There has never been a situation when parents are on the opposite sides of the field.

·        This rule includes an assistant coach or parent on the opposite side giving directions.

4.      Website – Mark V.

·        There were 470 game changes and 1600 field changes.

·        Next year only a Club field coordinator may make field changes.

·        Clubs need to have a field coordinator for next year.

·        Corrections to game changes are due by May 1.

·        Make sure schedules are checked for any changes that were made and not recorded by the D.C.

·        Contact Mark V. is if a coach cannot get the game report off the Website.

·        Fines are viewable by clicking on the fine box.

·        Mark V. will send fines to Ken and Ken will add any non-game fines and e-mail this to Clubs weekly.

·        March meeting covered game reports and there is a sample on the Website.

·        Home Coaches should contact Visiting Coach two (2) days ahead to confirm field and uniform color.

·        Sean Gleason – compliments on the Website and the process.

·        Schedule handed out is up-to-date as of last Sunday (April 21).

·        Clubs and teams have until May1 to make any corrections then the RDYSL will reflect the FINAL schedule with corrections.


Meeting Adjourned:  7:50 P.M.