April 14, 2002

RDYSL Board Meeting

6:30 P.M. – D’Andrea’s Party House


Present:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Mark Ivison, Lou Boyon, Kurt Knoblauch, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Peppy Ehrlich, Ann Marie Mahon, Dave Rich, Dave Pratt, Bill Hunt, Andrea Patton


1.       Rochester Rhinos Survey – Ken

·         Rhinos have sent survey to Clubs.

·         Ten years ago the League sent out a similar survey.

·         Mark V. – What is RDYSL position about Rhinos using our addresses for survey?

·         Neil – League should have written permission from each person to have his/her information on the RDYSL Website.

·         Rhinos wanted to make a presentation at March meetings but the meetings were not for that purpose - the Rhinos will make presentation at April 24 meeting.

·         Discussion followed.

·         Motion –Ken - Should the RDYSL Board respond to the survey?

·         Second - Peppy.

·         Vote – Yes – 8      No – 5    Motion carried.

·         Board agreed on a committee composed of Ken Bliss, Jacky VanDellon and Neil Fisher to respond to the survey.


2.       U9 –10 for 2003 Season – Ken

·         The decision should be made at the next General Meeting – have to decide if U9-10 will be in RDYSL without scores, rankings, etc.

·         Teams will get passes from League.

·         Jacky – are we giving Clubs a decision?

·         Dave R. – RDYSL should have U9-10 Division as we always have – follow NYSW guidelines – if a club does not like this arrangement, then they do not have to be part of the U9-10 Division.

·         Neil – are there going to be referees for the matches?

·         Yes, there will be – perhaps first year referees.

·         Ken – Board is suggesting a U9-10 Division with no trophies, scores – will have a D.C., game reports, referees – meeting all the requirements of the NYSW.


3.       Procedures – Mark V. and Ken

·         Uncorrected final schedule is on the RDYSL Website – corrections are due May 1.

·         There are no game changes now except for acts of God, State Cup, etc.

·         Any corrections to uncorrected final schedule have to be errors that were made in changes to original preliminary schedule.

·         After May 1 there are no changes – schedule is final.

·         There are definite field conflicts – Club field coordinators will have to sort through the fields.

·         Ken will send hard copy of uncorrected final schedules to Club presidents and Board.

·         Any corrections to the uncorrected final schedule will have to go through the D.C.s.

·         Lou will send uncorrected final schedule to Chris C., Franz and Bill so they can begin to assign referees.

·         Neil – take only checks made out to RDYSL for Red Cards – game Reports must reflect any discipline or misconduct to have League act on it – if D.C. receives report with unusual misconduct he/she should contact Neil or Mark I. to decide course of action – League can only act on what is reported on game report – any unusual conduct should be reported by player to coach and then coach will notify D.C.

·         D.C. should not give out any information regarding players, etc.

·         Referee No-Show – coach should notify the D.C. within 24 hours.

·         D.C. should notify coach after two (2) yellow cards that next card will be like red card.


4.       Jr. Rhinos – Peppy

·         Players from Rhinos go into RDYSL.

·         Should there be a proposal that any Club that has three (3) or more Premier teams is a Premier Club and should not be allowed to play in RDYSL.

·         Neil – there is a proposal from NYSW (Glenn Buckley) that bottom Premier teams will have a play-off – relegation tournament.

·         Peppy – distribute a proposal on the Website to get consensus of the RDYSL Board.

·         Lou will contact Ian Redfield to find out legality of keeping any Club out of RDYSL.

·         Ken will call Texas and Chicago to get rulings.


5.       Shirts – Andrea and Jacky

·         Motion – to accept the bid from Special Tees for the 2003 RDYSL award shirts for $5.40 with design submitted.

·         Second – Mark I.

·         Vote – 12 in favor      1- opposed.


6.       General Meeting – April 24, 2002


Meeting Adjourned – 8:40 P.M.