March 3, 2002 - RDYSL Board Meeting

6:30 P.M. – D’Andrea’s Party House


Attendees:  Ken Bliss, Peppy Ehrlich, Dave Matthews, Dave Rich, Ann Marie Mahon, Dave Pratt, Jacky VanDellon, Mark VanDellon, Joe Walton, Mark Ivison, Bill Hunt, Wayne Menz, Andrea Patton


Visitor:  Penfield Rangers


Meeting called to Order:  6:40P.M.


1.       Ken –Failure of International Soccer Club to Pay Fines

·         International owes $810.00.

·         The club has not responded to attempts to reach them.

·         Motion – Peppy – I make a motion that a letter be sent to the International with a copy to NYSW and United States Youth Soccer to place the International in bad standing so they cannot play unless they pay the fines. 

·         Second - Mark I.             Vote – All in favor none opposed.

2.       Peppy – Guest at Next Board Meeting

·         There is someone who would like to come to the Board Meeting.

·         The guest will present suggestions on specific agenda items.

·         Guests are welcome.

3.       Date for Club fines to be Paid for the 2002 Season

·         There needs to be a date for payment – there was not a specific date this year.

·         Technically Clubs are not in good standing until fines are paid.

·         Jacky – when do the terms for Club presidents start?

·         Mark I. – every Club is different as to when club presidents start.

·         Dave R. – all fines should be paid one week after the season ends.

·         Mark I. – that is too quick – the League cannot get the fines together by then – fines should be paid by the November General Meeting.

·         Jacky – it is difficult for new Club presidents to come into the position with fines to be paid.

·         Mark I. – the fines should be out by September and paid before the November General Meeting.

·         Ken – there also has to be time for appeals – if fines go out by Sept. 1 would there be time for appeals – if the fines go out by Sept 1 that would give Clubs time for appeal and to pay fines by November Meeting.

·         Ann Marie – Nov. 1 would work.

·         Dave M. – what are the majority of the fines? What are they for?

·         Dave R. – Club has to pay if player does not pay red Card fine.

·         Ken – most fines are procedural – these can be appealed but the fines cannot be compiled until the referee unit notifies the League as to their fines that are built in.

·         Mark V. – fines will be sent to Clubs on a weekly basis this year.

·         Ken – this could be a shorter time providing the Club presidents act on them.

·         Dave R. – would like to see the appeals and fines done earlier this year.

·         Jacky – fines will be entered immediately on entering game report  - there will be more time to deal with fines – two weeks not enough time because it is a new system – doing business differently this year and clubs need time to get used to the new system.

·         Ken – give Clubs until Oct. 1 for appeals and fines must be paid by Nov. 1.

·         Dave M. – if Clubs do not pay by Nov. 1 then Club is no longer in good standing and the club has to begin the re-entry process.

·         Mark V. – dates will be added to the League calendar Nov. 1 date for paying fines.

·         Dave R. – this is an operating procedure - ignorance of the dates is not an excuse to not pay fines.

·         Dave M. – Does this have to be voted on by membership?  No, just By-Laws need to be voted on by the membership.

·         Motion – Dave R. – I make a motion to put these dates on the calendar on the Website.

·         Second – Jacky                    Vote – all in favor, none opposed.

4.       Ken – Glenn Buckley’s March 9 Meeting

·         Wayne and Neil were the League representatives at the first meeting.

·         Note from Michael Cheatham said the Leagues must follow the policy the coaches voted on.

·         Wayne – Changes for U11 to be 11v.11 – the main drive is to have all Leagues with the same policies – eventual goal is to have Premier open to challenge for team entry – there will be an additional level for teams to play in to try to improve and then they may challenge Premier teams for a spot.

·         Joe – U10 issue – U10 will not be competitive because not keeping score.

·         Ken – Leagues should be independent – RDYSL cannot do anything until the Annual Meeting in Nov. where Clubs may vote on issue.

·         If Board members have anything to add, please see Wayne or Neil before Sat., March 9.

·         Dave M. – not a lot of discussion wanting to push the numbers down.

·         Jacky – understands wanting to lower numbers but fields and volunteers are not available – this will decrease the quality of players and the quality of soccer.

·         Dave R. – this will result in a huge cost – smaller fields, smaller goals – further division of players means the costs will go up.

·         Mark I. – Genesee will not be able to change to smaller fields because Club does not own the fields.

·         Ken – League will have to make decision on U9 this summer – Clubs will have to decide how they are going to handle the changes.

5.       Divisions

·         Ken – it is impressive the way the divisions are coming in from the D.C.s.

·         Dave P. – in U11 how does one team get precedence over another.

·         Joe – why does Premier play in RDYSL.

·         Jacky – Teams can be select – have to go by rules.

·         Mark I. – there is a distinction in NYSW.

·         Ken – have to go by the rules.

·         Mark I. – the decision is in the rules – the team has to play according to the rules – team has to play U10 because they have not been in RDYSL to establish a record – they have to go by the rule or they can get one U11 player and register in U11.

·         Dave P. – which team plays Division I – Webster should play D. 2 and Rhinos should play D. I.

·         All D.C.s responded that they have divisions settled.

6.       Website – Mark V.

·         Next year  - send registration back to coach to verify registration.

·         D.C.s should verify e-mail addresses of coaches to make sure all are correct – also ask coaches for a daytime phone number to reach them if there is a referee no-show, etc.

·         D.C. went over directions on how to enter scores, fines, etc. on the Website.

7.       Posting Scores – Ann Marie Mahon

·         Can D.C. post scores if coaches call them in and then change them later if they are incorrect.

·         This is difficult method to use.

·         D.C. does not want to get 30-40 phone calls each game night.

·         This is the way it was done years ago and it did not work well – this is why we changed the method of reporting scores.

8.       March Meeting – Ken

·         Ken will deliver the packets and hand them out when everyone is seated.

·         Review the items to be covered at the meeting.

·         Ken will send out example packets for the D.C.s to use to prepare for the meeting.

·         At the meeting go over the coaches list to make sure it is accurate and then D.C. should change information on the Website.

·         Game Report – have copies filled and empty to demonstrate what needs to be reported.

·         Point out that information is on the Website for coaches.

·         Agenda for the meeting is in Kurt’s packet – please follow it.

9.       Division Coordinator Role Document – Ken

·         Kurt has done a great job on this.

·         Please review and give him any suggestions for additions to the information.

10.   Discipline – Ken

·         Wayne is V.P. for Discipline.

·         Contact him if there is a problem.

·         D.C. and gender V.P. will handle any incident first, and then Wayne will be contacted if incident warrants it.


Meeting Adjourned:  9:20 P.M.