RDYSL General Meeting – Thursday, February 7, 2002

7:00 P.M. - Dandrea’s Party House


Board Members Present:  Neil Fisher, Kurt Knoblauch, Lou Boyon, Mark Van Dellon, Wayne Menz, Dave Rich, Peppy Ehrlich, Ann Marie Mahon, Jacky Van Dellon, Dave Matthews, Joe Walton, Andrea Patton


Clubs not in Attendance:  International


Meeting Called to Order:  7:05 P.M.


1.       Rochester Rhinos – Dave Zygai

·         Two divisions for Camps so there will be teaching to all level.

·         Third level will have a team orientation for the week.

·         Camps will be located in Greece, Webster, Gates and Pittsford.

·         Camps are a great value.

·         Contact Dave if there are any questions.

2.       Soccer Complex – Dan Phelps

·         On Advisory Committee.

·         Two meetings so far – December and January.

·         Dan has provided data on the number of players, schedules of League and information from Roger Best on New York State West.

·         Talk at meetings about wetlands.

·         Third meeting has not been scheduled.

·         Dan urged people to get involved if they want a stadium because the opposition is organized and vocal.

·         Currently need engineering study to move forward.

3.       New York State West – Roger Best

·         Risk Management – all coaches should have State Association pass to be on field coaching.

·         Coaches need State pass for participation in State and President’s Cups.

·         National “D” license course – first two weekends in April.

·         Cup forms on NYSW Website.

·         Coaches Association Workshop at Total Sports this weekend – February 9 & 10.

·         Dan Shoniker has been named Region 1 coach of the Year – one of four finalists for National Coach of the Year Award.

·         Website has Events Calendar - Feb. 14-17 USYSA  ---  deadline April 1 for Snickers’ – Snickers’ final May 31- June 2, Presidents’ Cup the following weekend, Regionals at Niagara Falls from June 28-July2.

·         Use Website – it has all the critical information.

4.       Clubs that have not paid fines

·         International, Webster Eagles, Penfield Rangers, V/F United, Pittsford Hawks, Spencerport.

5.       Clubs that owe $250 bond for both genders

·         Byron-Bergen

·         GVBB

·         Jr. Rhinos

6.       Referee/Discipline Vice-President – Wayne Menz

·         Last year there were difficulties with incidents at the end of the season.

·         This year disciplinary matters will be handled in a timely manner.

7.       Website (RDYSL.com) – Mark VanDellon

·         Registration – from Feb. 7 – 27 at 6 P.M. - registrations denied for Club that have not paid 2001 fines.

·         Do not wait until the last minute to register teams.

·         Coach’s Instructions.

·         Forms.

·         Player Registration.

·         Scholarship.

·         Tournaments.

·         Dynamically updated Team Count through ‘Team count’ web link – shows Club and teams registered for each Club.

·         Remember – Divisions are requested – the Division Coordinator and RDYSL have the final determination of team placement.

·         Game Change – March 14 – April 7 – both coaches have to submit form for each game change – teams have until August 5 to play games.

·         No games scheduled during exams, Rhino game nights, July 4 week.

·         Game Report on Website.

·         Referee Evaluation available on Website – please fill it out for positive and negative feedback.

·         General Medical Form for players available with notary.

·         Risk Management form.

·         Improved standings and fine reporting.

8.       March Meetings – Kurt Knoblauch

·         Mandatory meeting - there must be a representative for each team at the meeting.

·         Purpose is to avoid the situation where coach does not know procedures.

·         Preliminary schedule will be handed out at the meeting.

·         If no representative is present for a team – the team will be fined $100 and will have to go to the D.C.’s house to pick up the preliminary schedule.

·         For Clubs that have one person to complete schedule, the entire schedule may only be available March 10 or 11.

9.       Final Meeting Schedule – Neil Fisher

·         April 24.

·         Final schedules handed out.

·         Final day for registration – February 27 at 6 P.M.

10.   Rhinos/Jr. Rhinos – Pat Ercoli

·         Talk about where Jr. Rhinos fit into soccer in the Rochester area.

·         Thank you to Roger, Ken and Neil for support.

·         The purpose of the Jr. Rhinos was to have players participate in Premier when the Mavericks merged into the Jr. Rhinos.

·         Rhinos did not have input in the Jr. Rhinos at first – no financial or coaching involvement.

·         Sean Gleason – Fairport: There is a need to focus on development and bring coaching down to the kids.
Pat: At first Pat was spread thin trying to produce a team and then produce a winning Rhinos team.

·         Fred Lucas: There is support from the Rhino organization?
Pat: Yes, now in favor of development.  With no more dual registration, the situation has changed.  The organization now runs smoothly.

·         Dan Phelps – Cobras: Venues do not allow teams on fields until later.
Pat: Ask what is good for the situation – allow flexibility for the best players – why does a player like Jordan Chirico go to the Syracuse Blitz to play? – This makes it so there is less quality on the team.

·         Sean Gleason – Fairport – How can people give feedback?
Rhinos can be reached at info@rhino.soccer.com

·         Rick Frisicano – Eclipse: Should Premier players be selected at 9 years old?
Pat: No, Premier has evolved into something different. Premier is getting negative feedback . Things have changed and now it is glorified travel Club.  It is not Premier when 2 of the best players go to Syracuse to play. It is important to do what is best for the kids. How can we make it better?  We want the model of the players who develop and play for the National team.

·         Kurt Reguit – Rangers: What about ages for select teams?
Pat: This is being addressed by Bruce Arena.  No 11v11 games until age 12.  Develop the players technically using small-sided games of 3v3 and 4v4.

·         Lon Smith – Bucs: like Gerard Vie of France?
Pat: No high end Premier until age 15.  There is a danger of player burnout.  Player needs to get the “bug” for soccer.  Develop this through exposure to the sport such as inner city leagues.

·         Peppy Ehrlich – Hawks: What is the Y League?
Pat: This was developed to get Pro-teams involved – the “A” League, Women’s League, PDL (semi-pro league for college) and the “Y” League - a progression and growth of soccer from youth to the pro level – in Rochester there is the Jr. Rhinos and in Syracuse there is the Blitz.  The organization is similar to ODP – a team can participate in Premier and “Y” League.  Here in Rochester soccer is successful.


11.   Meeting adjourned at 9:05 P.M.