RDYSL Annual General Meeting

Wednesday, November 14, 2001 – 7 P.M.

D’Andrea’s Party House


Board Members Present:  Ken Bliss, Mark Ivison, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Andrea Patton, Wayne Menz, Rick Frisicano, Peppy Ehrlich, Joe Walton, Eric Lubberts, Jacky VanDellon


Clubs not in Attendance:  Chili, Honeoye Falls, International, Strikers.



1.       Roll Call – Andrea Patton

2.       NYSW – Roger Best

·         Soccer Fest – Saturday, November 17, 2001

a.        Location – Webster Soccer Facility - $10 for the day.

b.       Clinics on Saturday.

c.        Annual General Meeting on Sunday.

d.       Member or proxy must be at meeting or $50 fine for Club not represented.

e.        Roger must have any new Club information.

f.         Teams must have permission to travel out of the district.

g.       New Hosting Policy - meeting at 1P.M. Saturday.

h.       Risk Management – must get State pass for any adult dealing with children.

i.         Snicker’s State cup – first weekend in June.

j.         Website is source for all NYSW information – ODP, Soccerfest, etc.

k.        Tournament Host forms and Insurance certification forms available at meeting.

3.        Rochester Rhinos

·         Thank you for support this year.

·         Rhinos want to help with programs for fundraisers for Clubs.

·         Goal is enjoyment for children.

·         There will be Rhino camps again this year.

·         Call – 454-KICK for Rhino information.

4.       Rochester Metrostars – Ron Mavity

·         Soccer for inner-city children.

·         Emphasis on Social and academic along with athletic.

·         Peppy and Sandy Ehrlich are supporters.

·         Donations of canned goods, etc. accepted for needy families.

5.       Presentation of Plaques

6.       Election of Officers – Sandy Sherman

·         President – Ken Bliss

·         1stVice President (Girls) – Mark Ivison

·         2ndVice President (Boys) – Neil Fisher

·         3rdVice President for Discipline – Wayne Menz

·         4th Vice President (Webmaster) – Mark VanDellon

·         Treasurer – Lou Boyon

·         Secretary – Andrea Patton

·         Vote – unanimous acceptance

·         Ken spoke to the fact that volunteers are needed to keep RDYSL running smoothly – currently there is a need for Division Coordinator for Girls U14.

7.       Treasurer’s Report – Lou Boyon

·         Budget accepted.

·         Fees will be increased to $2.50 this year.

·         Suggestion to put budget on Website before the meeting so everyone has time to review it.

·         Suggestion to e-mail the final budget for the year past to Club presidents.

·         Lou explained that RDYSL currently operates in the red in an effort to return to the Clubs most of the large balance that existed when MCGSL and RAYSL formed RDYSL.

·         Currently Web V.P, the two gender Vice-Presidents and the President get free Internet and second phone line for computer.

·         New Club – Churchville – paid $20 fee per team (5 teams) because the Club did not contribute to the surplus.

·         Drawback of the budget is that it is too dependent on fines.

·         There is a fine to the referees’ unit for a referee no-show – this has to be reported within 48 hours but most coaches do not notify D.C. so RDYSL can collect the fee.

8.       Registrar Report – Ken for Harriet Bliss

·         Letter has been sent out notifying Clubs that billing will no longer occur.

·         Teams that register must pay at the time of registration.

·         Pre-payment is also available – excess will be returned to Club.

9.       Website – Jacky for Mark VanDellon

·         Adjustments will be made to forms on the Website.

·         Suggestions can be e-mailed.

·         Presently working on database to speed-up process of recording standings.

10.    Change to Rules and Regulations – Jacky VanDellon

·         Old rules based on dual age groups.

·         Rule change to read:


E.  Team Placement

3.        A team may not play up to the next higher Division unless, during the previous year, the team played in Division 1 and placed first or second.

3a.        A team may play up only one age division.

11.     Boys Division – Neil Fisher

·         Magazines available.

12.    Girls Division – Mark Ivison

·         Good year.

·         Discipline was the only problem.

13.    Calendar – Ken

·         Not out yet.

·         Major change – instead of March meeting the individual divisions will meet over a one (1) week period.

·         Coach or team representative must attend meeting to get the team packet and review processes and procedures for the season.

14.    NYSW AGM 9, 10, 11 Policy Vote – Ken

·         Glenn Buckley and Tony Buniskis attended a meeting with the RDYSL Board.

·         Board feels that Clubs should determine what happens in RDYSL – not NYSW.

·         RDYSL Board wants to vote down the proposal to return control of decisions such as this to Clubs and Leagues.

·         Board feels this is not a NYSW decision.

·         Bill Beach asked what happens if there is a “no” vote.

·         Ken responded that there will be another RDYSL meeting after the NYSW – AGM meeting to determine what RDYSL wants to do.

·         This issue will be a separate vote not linked to any other issue.

·         Roger Best added that this amendment can be modified to exclude the 11s.

15.     Dual Registration – Ken

·         Player cannot be dual registered.

·         Player in Premier cannot play in RDYSL.

·         Y League is not recognized so player can play in “Y League” and in RDYSL.

·         Reminder that player cannot play Premier until U12.

16.    Soccer Complex – Greece Cobras

·         Support plan for detailed planning, traffic, environmental for the soccer complex.

·         Will not know feasibility until this plan is complete.

17.    From Floor:

·         Bill Beach – there is an issue with Premier Clubs putting teams in RDYSL.

·         Ken – currently the only Premier Club that can put teams in RDYSL is the Jr. Rhinos.

·         Jim Mort – Jr. Rhinos have no intention of flooding RDYSL with Premier teams.

18.    Season will start later this year than last year


Meeting Adjourned - 8:50 P.M.