October 28, 2001 RDYSL Board Meeting

6:30 P.M. 1632 Creek Street


Present: Ken Bliss, Mark Ivison, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Wayne Menz, Mark VanDellon, Jackie VanDellon, Kurt Knoblauch, Andrea Patton


Meeting called to order at 6:35 P.M. by President Ken Bliss


1.       Budget Lou

         Hand-out of budget sheet RDYSL has $54,750 - if players pay $2.50 and League collects $9000 in fines then the League is -$7,730.

         Cost to RDYSL is almost $5.00 per player League will be without funds in 2 years without extra money.

         Mark I. League should increase fees gradually over next 2 years so it is not difficult for the Clubs.

         Lou NYSW collects $11 fees $6.00 per player for pass, $6.00 per player for insurance and $2.50 for RDYSL.

         Lou - The budget depends on fines and this is not healthy for the RDYSL because fines are not dependable.

         Jackie RDYSL should do something for the U10 although trophies for play are not encouraged possibly medals, etc.

         Lou in the long run adjustments will have to be made, and currently there is no room for reductions in the budget.

         Neil possible way to save money is to give awards for first place only.

         Ken Leagues can do things on their own unless prohibited by NYSW National is only recommending U10 not receive trophies for play.

         Peppy What is the rest of NYSW doing?

         Ken They are going along with NYSW.

         Neil RDYSL Board should wait and see what RDYSL decides at the General Meeting.

         Ken NYSW wants to eliminate elected auditors.

         Kurt NYSW has revised their proposal as of Sept. 14 there will be no impact for League next year.

         Lou the vote will take place at the NYSW Annual General Meeting.

         Kurt if the proposal does not pass as it is proposed there is no alternative and the rule remains as it is vote at the AGM is one vote per team per Club.

         Mark I. the proxy for NYSW gives up the right to vote for a full year.

         Ken will call National and ask if NYSW can make a mandatory rule for U10.


2.       Annual General Meeting Ken




3.       Elections Ken

         New Division Coordinator for U12 Girls Dave Pratt Penfield Strikers.

         Ron Zorn (U19 Boys) is not returning.

         Dave Rich will take U19 Boys.

         There is an opening for U12 Boys.

         Wayne Menz has agreed to serve as Vice-President for Discipline.

         U10 Division will be split so there is a need for another D.C. in U10.


4.       Discipline - Ken

         This year incidents have to be handled immediately.


5.       Word Change for RDYSL Rules

         Jackie RDYSL should change wording of Rule E3 to reflect single age brackets in RDYSL proposed change would read:


E.       Team Placement

3.  A team may not play up to the next higher Division unless during the previous year the team played in Division I and placed first or second.

3a. A team may play up only one age division.


         Motion Jackie Second by Mark

         Wayne More refined and restrictive than the present rule.

         Lou does not see any difficulty.

         Vote unanimous in favor for the year 2002.


6.       RDYSL Calendar

         Board Meeting February 7, 2002.

         Division Coordinators will have a meeting with team coaches to review procedures and forms in early March.

         All changes will be completed by April 12, 2002.

         Final schedule will be ready between April 26 - April 29.

         No games played before May 20.

         Next Board Meeting will be in early December between December 1-10.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:05 P.M.