RDYSL Board Meeting

September 9, 2001 – 5:30 P.M.

1632 Creek Street


Attendees:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Peppy Ehrlich, Kurt Knoblauch, Wayne Menz, Mark Van Dellon, Lou Boyon, Dave Rich, Andrea Patton


1.      “For the Good of the Game” – Glen Buckley

·        NYSWYSA approved the policies at the July 28, 2001 meeting

·        Glen stated that he has spoken to all major Leagues and Boards in the past 18 months since becoming Director of Coaching for NYSW

·        He feels the NY State is behind other states in advancing the game of soccer for youth

·        He developed “For the Good of the Game” from speaking with and observing many coaches and teachers in the U.S. over the past year

·        Last November NYSW held a meeting at the Chiropractic College and invited 280 Club presidents – 97 attended this meeting

·        During the past year NYSW trained 2000 coaches

·        Glen feels that Leagues want to institute “For the Good of the Game”

·        More children playing soccer in the Rochester area than any city in the U.S. and 60% of these are recreational players

·        As a suggestion - Glen would like to see a paid director of coaching for each soccer organization

·        Ken – will make a motion to put off instituting these NYSWYSA Policies for 1 year so Clubs can decide what to do – Clubs have the right and obligation to decide – Ken’s opposition is with the procedure used by NYSWYSA to implement these rules

·        Glen – Clubs should and will support the Policies at the Annual General Meeting in November – a vote will be taken

·        Kurt – problem is that Clubs will already have selected their teams and the number of team members will not coincide with the NYSWYSA Policy

·        Peppy – how do the Clubs improve the level of play if players do not start to play competitively until 12

·        Glen feels those who start competition too early drop out of soccer

·        Ken feels NYSW should approach these Policies slowly – RDYSL is proud of what it has already

·        Glen – players at 9 and 10 can play other teams and learn techniques without pressure – this will ultimately make them better players

·        Ken – NYSW needs to listen more to what people are saying

·        Dave – this year he was leery of non-competitive 9 and 10 age group but the kids enjoyed the experience – one problem for Clubs will be recruiting the number of coaches especially for smaller Clubs – presently Brockport requires coaches have an E License

·        Tony – League should keep track of the licenses for coaches

·        Ken – the League is run by volunteers – who would be able to do this

·        Kurt – a lack of organized structure will not help the game – poor refereeing, etc.

·        Ken – fees are rising in NYSW – from where will the increased revenues come?

·        Tony – the issue is not financially driven – NYSW will lose money

·        Dave – mechanics are important but recreational programs must also implement this

·        Glen – the Director of Coaching position can be for 1 Clubs or shared between Clubs

·        Lou – where would the money come from to pay a coach – even the larger, wealthier Clubs would find it difficult to pay a Director of Coaching

·        Peppy – where would the Clubs get the money

·        Glen – cut the number of tournaments that teams play and use that money to pay for Director of Coaching

·        Tony – why couldn’t there be a vote at the Annual General Meeting

·        Neil – Clubs want a meeting to have a voice in NYSW decisions

·        Lou – if changes were made in 2003 there would be time to vote and implement the changes

·        Neil – it is also necessary to educate the parents about the changes

2.      Ken

·        Other Leagues want to know how the RDYSL feels about these changes

·        Wayne – Motion – RDYSL have a General Meeting of Clubs with the importance stated      Peppy - second

·        Ken – Buffalo concerned with the procedure used by NYSWYSA for approval of the Policies – there is a meeting September 22 of the NYSW Board

·        Suggestion to have a General meeting of RDYSL League after September 22 NYSW meeting to discuss Policies and invite parents, Clubs and coaches

·        Vote – All in favor

3.      League

·        Fines

a.       Ken will send out a statement to D.C.’s and V.P.’s

b.      He will need help reviewing fines for accuracy

c.       Keep game reports for appeals

d.      There will be a final date for appeals

·        Wayne

a.       Summer generates more parent problems than during the school season

·        Kurt

a.       How is the League going to handle the behavior on the field

b.      Ken – next season there will be a hearing within 3-7 days for parents and players involved

c.       Dave – every incident does not need a hearing

d.      Game reports have an area to report spectator conduct – D.C. should note it and fine a team/Club after 3 incidents

e.       Kurt – conduct for players and spectators starts with the coach – possibly have a meeting with coaches before the season

f.        D.C.’s will meet with coaches at the April meeting when packets are distributed

g.       Ken – League fell down on discipline this season – next season League should have firmer policy on conduct and be swifter with discipline – the Disciplinary V.P. will handle this


Meeting Adjourned 9:15 P.M.