RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, March 11, 2001 – D’Andrea’s Party House


Attendees:  Jacky Van Dellon, Wayne Menz, Mark Ivison, Lou Boyon, Neil Fisher, Kurt Knoblauch, Ken Bliss, Rick Frisicano, Mary Rich, Joe Walton, Ron Zorn, Andrea Patton


Meeting called to order: 6:35 P.M.


1.       Treasurer and Incorporation – Lou

a.        No new information.


2.       Divisions and Information for Website – Mark I.

a.        Add one team – Honeoye Falls boys U16.

b.       Wayne – name change for Brighton Stormers not changed on Website – Wayne will resubmit to Mark V.

c.        Jacky (for Mark V.) – if any information is incorrect, contact Mark V. in a timely manner  – only D.C. can correct information and then send it to gender V.P. and Mark V. – only send corrections – don’t send whole division.

d.       Lou – rechecked every team again.

e.        Suggestion to add Club to team name for U10 teams – leave it for now and change.

f.         League has asked for each team to have an individual name.

g.       Lou – he adds Club name to team name on the schedule.

h.       Rick – easy for D.C.’s to add Club names when the first standings are submitted.


3.       Posting Scores – Mark I.

a.        Submit standings to Mark V. at least once a week – D.C.’s should pick a uniform day throughout the season to submit the scores.

b.       Send copy of the scores to the gender V.P. and Mark V.

c.        Best way is to send divisions separately – one division at a time.


4.       Season Procedures – Mark I.

a.        Game changes and verifications go to D.C.

b.       When D.C. is finished with changes – e-mail a copy to Lou and gender V.P.

c.        D.C.’s will not do the field changes this year – they will go directly to Lou and gender V.P.’s.

d.       Game report can be downloaded so it fits on one (1) page – if it runs off the page – use fit to page button.

e.        Lou – asked to whom is the schedule sent and who sends it to the referees?

f.         Lou will send the schedule to gender V.P.’s, Ken, Rick and Mark V.

g.       Preliminary game schedule will be posted before the March 21 meeting.


5.       Fines - Ken

a.        Send any team fines to Ken and gender V.P. regularly - Ken will send notification of fines to Clubs.

b.       Clubs like this process so they can address any problems with coaches before fines accrue.

c.        Rick – send referee fines to Rick weekly so he can forward them to the referees’ unit – also send a copy to Rick, Ken and gender V.P.


6.       Packets - Ken

a.        Next year all of the information in the packets will be conveyed on the RDYSL Website.

b.       All information is on the Website this year except the envelopes and the FIFA Handbook – this cuts down on the number of copies and expense of making copies for the League.

c.        Rick – contract with referees has been changed to reflect the League name change – he will send a copy of this transfer to the League secretary and the League President.

d.       Clubs and coaches have already used the Website for the registration information so coaches and Clubs can get remaining information such as coaches’ instructions and rules and regulations from the Website.

e.        Clubs, Club presidents, etc. can get information from the Website.

f.         Coaches list will be e-mailed to the Club presidents.

g.       Packet will include preliminary schedule, envelopes, FIFA Handbook, coaches’ list and copy of game report.


7.       Board - Ken

a.        Agreement to give windbreakers to members of the RDYSL Board.


8.       Dual Registration

a.        Letter has been received from Shane Graham regarding dual registration.

b.       Incorporation lawyer (Ian Redpath) recommends that League go through Clubs for a vote on this issue.

c.        Ken – should we hold a vote on March 21 or call a special meeting.

d.       Lou – favors a special meeting.

e.        Neil – vote is based on the number of Clubs present so the March 21 meeting would have the best representation from the Clubs and reflect the views of all Clubs.

f.         RDYSL will notify Clubs that there will be a vote per team at the end of the meeting on the issue of dual registration.

g.       Discussion will be limited to 20 minutes and each speaker will speak once.

h.       RDYSL will remind the Clubs of the procedure for voting so there are no questions on the night of the vote – voting procedure from the by-laws will be posted.


9.       Good of the Game Meeting with Glenn Buckley - Rick

a.        Glen is concerned about player development and has a position statement about player development.

b.       At age 6 there should be small-sided games (3 v.3 & 4v.4) – no player under the age of 12 should be playing on a full field.

c.        There should be Club passes rather than roster within Clubs for these age groups.

d.       Best coaches should be at the youngest age groups.

e.        No travel until player is U11 and no Premier play until player is U14.

f.         Registration age group should depend on player’s birth date, not August date as it is now.

g.       Need to train coaches – there are only 5 A level coaches in the area.

h.       Risk management is an area of concern.

i.         Playing time – players are playing too much – players should play no more than 129 minutes in a day and have four (4) practices for every game.

j.         All tournament games should be of the same length – emphasis should be on the League games – tournaments should be fun – presently the emphasis is the opposite.

k.        Players should not compete in more than 60 games during a season.

l.         Premier level – two (2) practices for every game – substitutions should follow international rules with no reentry in the half up to U16 and at older age groups there is no re-entry.

m.      Target Areas – 1.)  number of players in the game based on age (at U6 - 4 v. 4 games up to U11 having 9 v. 9 games)  2.  common league structure with premier having 12 teams per age group  3.)  clubs should have a paid coaching director to put emphasis on player development.

n.       Joe – impressed by the commitment to this document.

o.       Lou – first thing is to train coaches.

p.       Rick – licensing opportunities have increased under Glenn.

q.       Glenn wants to form a committee of leagues, recreation programs, premier leagues, etc. to come together and agree without being told by NYSW.

r.         Region I director of coaching talked about how this paid coaching position evolved in other areas.


10.    Referees - Rick

a.        RDYSL Board voted to keep the referees’ contract through 2002.

b.       A number of Clubs object to travel fee in terms of discrimination against Clubs outside Monroe County.

c.        $6.00 fee is part of contract and Clubs voted to continue paying the fee.

d.       Although some Clubs have a problem the Board should reflect and support the League’s contract.

e.        The fee became an issue when RDYSL became a district league.

f.         Action may or may not be taken by some Clubs.

g.       Neil – old negotiations were agreeable with referee unit but now the League has changed.


11.    Meeting Adjourned – 8:15 P.M.