RDYSL Presidents Meeting

Wednesday, February 7, 2001

D’Andrea’s Party House


Board Members in Attendance:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Peppy Ehrlich, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Kurt Knoblauch, Dave Rich, Eric Lubberts, Wayne Menz, Rick Frisicano, Andrea Patton


Meeting called to Order:  7:15 P.M.


1.       Roll Call - Clubs not in Attendance:  G.V.B.B.S.C., Livonia S.C., Livingston S.C.


2.       Registration Procedures - Ken

A.      Bond – teams cannot register until the bond is paid.

B.       Forms need to be submitted on time through the Website.

C.       If registration form is not in – team will not be able to play.

D.      New Club information must be submitted by Feb. 24 or Club is not in RDYSL.

E.       DO NOT wait until last minute to submit forms.

F.       Delegate Form – in packet – if the Club president is the representative, nothing has to be done – if representative is someone other than the president, then the form must be sent to Ken Bliss – CLUB CANNOT VOTE if form not submitted and representative is different than the Club president.


3.       Announcements

A.      New travel policy on NYS West Website.

B.       Proxy needed for vote if President or designated voter is not present.


4.       League Cup - Ken

A.      Board decided not to have it this year because it is physically impossible – weekends are all taken with Tournaments and if it is held during the week there would be a conflict with referees and League games.

B.       Let players know about the RDYSL Website (rdysl.com or www.rdysl.com).

C.       Upcoming meeting Thursday (2/8/01) night held by Rhinos with information about the new stadium.

D.      Dual Registration – can be voted on at the November meeting for next season – if Club(s) want to propose a rule change a vote can be taken – as the rule stands there is dual registration for the 2001 season – a Club can call a special meeting to take a vote – new rule proposal must be submitted beforehand.

E.       By- laws are not on the Website because there is a delay in the Incorporation of the League.

F.       Need U19 Boys coordinator.


5.       Website – Mark Van Dellon

A.      Website address – RDYSL.com

B.       League standings will be updated once a week – there will be a lag between games and postings because Division Coordinators must receive the game reports from referees and then submit the information – Mark will then post.

C.       If Clubs have information to post – send it to Mark V. at Webmaster@RDYSL.com

D.      Forms must be submitted on time – if there is difficulty submitting them – contact Mark V.

E.       Date form is due is on each form.

F.       League would prefer one (1) person submit all forms for the Club.

G.       If coach does not have e-mail – find a designated person to receive e-mail for him/her.

H.      D.C.’s need the information on new team / team experience – Form cannot be submitted without it.

I.         Make sure to send Club and team information by deadline.

J.        Team will get preliminary schedule and then make game changes on the Game Change Form.

K.      Mark will add “home field” and “shared with” designations to Team Registration Form.

L.       “Field Assignment Form” will be changed to “Field Change From”.

M.     Try to put field assignments in sequential order on Field Change Form.

N.      Put boys and girls field changes on separate Field Change Form.


6.       NYSW – Roger Best

A.      Thank you to all who attended the Soccerfest.

B.       Travel changes – foreign travel outside the U.S. includes travel to Canada – this has to go to USYSA for approval - teams from Canada in a tournament in U.S. have to get USYSA approval.

C.       New manual on the Website.

D.      Snickers State Cup – changes have been made.

E.       Risk Management – form on the RDYSL Website – make copies – the first page is important.

F.       Two volunteers are needed for the Audit Committee (Finance) and the Recreation Committee.

G.       Meeting – For the Good of the Game – February 24 at the NYS Chiropractic College.


Meeting adjourned at 8:25 P.M.