RDYSL Board Meeting
January 21, 2001
6:30 P.M. – D’Andrea’s Party House


Attendees:  Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Mark Ivison, Larry Evarts, Lou Boyon, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Eric Luberts, Carol Rich, Kurt Knoblauch, Peppy Ehrlich, Andrea Patton


Meeting called to order – 6:37 P.M.


  1. Ken Bliss announced that regrettably Mary Sergent has resigned due to a personal situation.  RDYSL needs a U-10 coordinator for girls.
  2. League Cup – Ken

A.      There is no time in the schedule to run this – every weekend has at least one tournament scheduled.

B.       Neil – If Clubs arrange dates then there will be referee problems – tried to arrange a date for Rhino tickets to hand out trophies but none were available.

C.       Lou – There would also be a conflict with the Amateur League – can be run but are teams looking for more games.

D.      Neil – Clubs do not necessarily want to play more games against the same teams.

E.       Jacky – Clubs might not be interested because of conflict with President’s and State Cups.

F.       Mark – survey response indicated Clubs would like the tournament.

G.       Jacky – run the tournament in September for younger players.

H.      Consensus decision that there will not be a League Cup for the 2001 because there is no time in the schedule to run it.

  1. FIFA Handbook  - Ken

A.      Books are $2.50 each.

B.       Cost to League would be between $1200 - $1500 to provide one in each packet.

C.       Mark – Motion – I make a motion to include the FIFA Handbook in each packet.

D.      Second – Larry.

E.       Vote – Unanimous for – non-opposed.

  1. Information not in by Deadline – Ken

A.      If information not in by deadline then the team is not allowed to participate for the 2001 season.

B.       Mark – There is a back-up so forms will be returned to Clubs to verify team information has been received – three people will get the team form: gender V.P., sender and Division coordinator.

C.       Ken – Notices are sent every week to remind Clubs of the deadline for team registration - Clubs need to be accountable to see that teams are registered.

D.      Neil – Important to have accurate team registrations to complete schedule.

E.       Motion – Eric – Club team is denied participation in 2001 season if information is not submitted to the League by the deadline.

1.       Second – Jacky.

2.       Vote – unanimous for – non-opposed.

  1. Awards – Ken

A.      Trophies, shirts and coaches awards will be done by bids.

B.       Larry and Andrea on the committee.

  1. Coaches Instructions – Ken

A.      Look over information to see if anything needs to be added.

  1. Playing Up Rule – Ken

A.      Ken – Slightly reworded the rule to read – “3.   A team may not play up to the next higher Division unless during the previous year as a 11U, 13U, 15U, the team played in Division 1 of the next higher age group and placed first or second.  4.   Every effort will be made by the League to place teams at the appropriate level.”.

B.       Jacky – Why is it the way it is?

C.       Ken – Teams can move within age group but personal judgment of Division Coordinator is taken out of decision as to which team(s) may play up.

D.      Discussion followed.

E.       Neil – Boys’ teams in RAYSL had to petition the Board.

F.       Eric – If anyone desires to change the rule, a proposal could be written up and proposed for next year.

G.       Lou – Players even out - a good  9- year-old player and a weaker one will usually end up relatively the same when they are older.

H.      Jacky – Will make proposal for next year at Nov. meeting.

I.         Jacky – Motion – “#4.  Every effort will be made by the League to place teams at the appropriate level within their division.”

1.       Second – Mark

2.       Vote – Unanimous for – non-opposed

  1. Website – Mark Van Dellon

A.      Forms will not be available until February 7.

B.       Club information sheet to update information on Club for the new season.

C.       D.C.’s have received the test forms.

D.      Lou - Preliminary schedule will not have field assignments – after game changes then Clubs will assign fields.

E.       D.C.’s will send divisions to Lou as soon as they are made up.

F.       Mark I – It would be helpful to have due dates on forms.

G.       Coaches’ information required.

H.      Coach must fill in player’s past experience so team can be placed appropriately.

I.         Forms will be arranged in order chronologically.

  1. Game Reports –

A.      Can be downloaded from Website.

B.       Larry – Make sure Clubs and teams know that player pass number has to be included on the game report.

C.       Report must be sent within 24 hours of the game.

  1. Division Coordinator Procedures – Mark Ivison

A.      Send fines every week to either Mark I. or Neil and mark the current week’s fines “new”

B.       If player gets a card mark player number and “Y” or “R” for yellow or red card.

C.       Complete coaches’ list and send form to gender V.P.

D.      An e-mail link to D.C. should be on each page.

  1. Team Placement – Neil

A.      Each division needs 7 teams – no divisions should have less than 7 teams.

B.       Effort should be made to accommodate coach’s wish as far as team placement.

C.       Mark – the state of Wyoming has made it mandatory that parents attend a class on behavior before their child can play.


Meeting adjourned – 8:50 P.M.