RDYSL Board Meeting
Tuesday, December 5, 2000
7:35 P.M. – D’Andrea’s Party House

Meeting called to Order – 7:35 P.M.

Attendees: Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Lou Boyon, Mark VanDellon, Larry Evarts, Dave Rich, Peppy Ehrlich, Rich Frisicano, Wayne Menz, Andrea Patton

  1. League Cup
    1. Committee – Ken, Neil and Mark I. to set it up.
  2. Approval of Rules and Regulations
    1. Rules say dual registration is allowed only this season (2001).
    2. Club presidents may submit a proposal to change this for the 2002 season.
    3. Discussion:
      1. Neil – Limited possibility of lawsuit because there is another league in which they can play.
      2. Larry –N.Y.S.W. allows dual registration.
      3. Wayne – premier player takes the place of a non-premier player who does not have another place to play.
      4. Peppy – Clubs do not want a player committed to another league.
    4. If team plays an illegal player then the team will forfeit the game or games in which the player plays.
    5. Discussion:
      1. Neil – Should Clubs vote on this?
      2. Ken – Voting on 2000 season now – have to do things one year in advance.
      3. Neil – Rule can be changed at the meeting in Nov., 2001 – Clubs have to know before try-out time.
      4. Ken – A Club can call a meeting with 10% of Clubs.
      5. Neil – Why doesn’t N.Y.S.W. have a policy about dual registration.
      6. Larry – N.Y.S.W. has discussed this many times – he will pursue it again when they meet.
      7. Dave – U19 can also play in the amateurs.
      8. Motion – Rick – I make a motion to accept the 2001 Rules and Regulations of the RDYSL as they are Second – Neil.
      9. Vote – Nine (9) in favor One (1) opposed (Dave).
  3. Next Board Meeting – Sunday, January 21, 2001 at 6:30 P.M. at D’Andrea’s Party House

Meeting Adjourned - 7:55 P.M.