RDYSL Board Meeting

Sunday, November 5, 2000 – Dandrea’s Party House

Attendees: Ken Bliss, Neil Fisher, Mark Ivison, Peppy Erlich, Kay Yonda, Jacky Van Dellon, Mark Van Dellon, Kurt Knoblauch, Larry Evarts, Wayne Menz, Rick Frisicano, Lou Boyon, Mary Sergent, Andrea Patton

Meeting Called to Order: 6:03 P.M.

  1. Incorporation – Ken Bliss
    1. Ian Redpath has notified the League that the voting procedure at the Annual Meeting needs to be changed - there cannot be a vote at the meeting. First there needs to be a vote of last year’s MCGSL Board. At the Annual Meeting a form will be distributed to every Club so that they can designate two delegates for each team. Delegates can be repeated. The form will have a return date ( 1 week) – if form is not returned then team cannot vote – after that date Ken will determine a date giving teams at least 10 days notice of date of vote. Proxies will be available and distributed. Clubs can come to the meeting and vote or assign the proxy.
    2. By-Laws – Clubs do not vote – only teams vote – The Executive Committee can vote but not Division Coordinators – in the new By-Laws 1 person votes – not 2.
      1. Changes:
        1. Article XII (p. 8) – after "…a role call vote of the Members at the Annual General Meeting or a special meeting called for that purpose. All proposed amendments must be given to the Members at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the Annual Meeting."
        2. Article XIV – explanation of which teams can vote – March is our registration.
    3. MCGSL Board vote – Mark Ivison made a motion. Seconded - Mary Sergent – The plan of merger has been brought before the MCGSL Board and is hereby adopted and shall be submitted to Members as required by law. All in favor – non-opposed.
  2. U10 – Limit the number of teams a Club can have
    1. Neil – At the meeting in July, Ken and Neil said there would be no limit on the number of teams
    2. Wayne, Mark and Rick discussed concerns with the limited numbers of referees available
    3. Lou brought up possible 3rd division which would not have referees
    4. Ken stated that referees would like a priority list of divisions to assign referees
    5. Further discussion
    6. No motion required because By-Laws require that each team have a field assigned to it by Club for games. Clubs cannot have a team without the field.
  3. Clubs can Enter Boys and Girls Teams - even if they had only one gender last year
    1. Mark – Task Force recommended that Clubs stay as they are for a couple of years so Clubs do not compete for players in same area in new League
    2. Discussion followed
    3. Motion – Wayne – Any Club can enter teams in both genders. Second – Larry
    4. Vote – 12 in favor – Opposed – Mark.
  4. Referee Contract – Rick
    1. Motion – Rick – RDYSL League agrees to abide by the existing contract with the referees unit.
    2. Second – Wayne
    3. Mark spoke against the $6 fee given to referees who travel outside Monroe County. Mary spoke against the fee and Lou said it was a one-way bias.
    4. Board discussed the fact that if negotiations are opened with referee unit, the fees for games would significantly increase. Referees in Buffalo and Syracuse are receiving more than those in Monroe County.
    5. Vote – 11 in favor – Opposed Mark and Peppy.
  5. Fees and Bond for 2001 Season – Lou
    1. Presently RAYSL charges $400 bond per Club and MCGSL charges $300 per Club
    2. Lou proposes to change bond to $500 per Club and if Club is only one gender then bond is $250.
    3. Discussion – most Clubs pay fines – one uniform fee hurts single gender Clubs
    4. Motion – Wayne – Adopt the $500 bond for Clubs with both genders and $250 bond for single gender Clubs. Second – Peppy.
    5. Vote – All in favor – Non-opposed.
    6. Excess Money from former Leagues:
      1. Motion – Lou – Clubs will not be charged team fees for 2001 season and new Clubs.
      2. Motion amended by Lou – Existing Clubs will not pay team fee – Clubs new to the RDYSL will pay a team fee of $20 and $2.50 per player for every year until the remaining Clubs have to pay as well. Second – Jacky.
      3. Vote – All in favor – Non-opposed
  6. League Cup – Mark
    1. All Clubs that returned the survey (30+) except 1 want to re-institute the League Cup with semi-finals and finals in one location. Fees would be split between teams.
    2. Discussion – teams would have a few days within which to schedule games, games not differentiated by divisions – just between ages – single elimination – good competition within age group and play different divisions – possibility of referee problems but majority of games will be played early in the season (preliminary in May).
    3. Mark will present this at the Annual Meeting.
  7. Website - Kay
    1. Mark Van Dellon has volunteered to take over for Jason.
    2. Motion – Mary – Present Jason with a gift certificate to Soyata Computer for $50. Second – Lou.
    3. Vote – All in favor – Non-opposed.
    4. Kay and Mark may need some equipment – Mark does not have Front Page – OK to purchase and send bill to Lou
    5. Possibility of changing server – will check prices for services.
    6. Copy everything for Website to Kay and Mark.
  8. Internet Forms and Division Coordinators’ Procedures - Mark
    1. Disks distributed with instructions for D.C.’s
    2. D.C.’s need to add information as last year then send to gender V.P. (Mark or Neil) and they will send to Website
    3. Preliminary schedule will be distributed soon after Lou gets the information – fields will not be listed at first.
  9. Gender Vice-Presidents - Ken
    1. Gender Vice Presidents will start handling all procedures for boys’ and girls’ divisions
  10. Other
    1. Phone lines – Have bills mailed to Lou for payment for any services needed for League
    2. Referee abuse – number of referees decreasing because of the abuse by spectators and it will be harder to get referees in the future.
    3. Risk Management – Coaches Symposium – Nov. 18 at the ESL – cost $20
    4. 1.speaker from Minnesota will be there to address the subject of Risk Management and the League’s requirement for registration for coaches, assistant coaches, managers, board members, etc.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:50 P.M.