Rochester District Youth Soccer League






Minutes:            Rochester District Youth Soccer League (RDYSL)

Club Presidents

7:00 PM

                        August 30, 2000

                        Dandrea Party House


The nominating committee of the MCGSL Task Force Committee held nominations for the new Rochester District Youth Soccer League. Peppy Ehrlich conducted the election. The nominees of the committee were:


            President, Ken Bliss

            1st Vice President, Mark Ivison- Girl’s Coordinator

            2nd Vice President, Neil Fisher- Boy’s Coordinator

            3rd Vice President, Rick Frisicano- Referee and Discipline Concerns

            4th Vice president, Katherine Yonda- Website Matters

            Secretary, Andrea Patton

            Treasurer, Lou Boyon


There were not any nominations from the floor. Hearing none, the nominations were closed. The slate, as presented by the nominating committee, was elected unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Ken Bliss, Acting Recorder