2019 Game Feedback Form
Background Information
Game Number: 19023
Boys U19, Division 1
Game Date: Tue, Jun 11, 2019 at 6:30:00 PM
Game Id 15147 Version 4
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Club Name:   Victor S.C. Lakefront S.C.
Team Name:   Victor SC Lakefront SC Blue
Coach Name:   Chuck Hixon Greg Tombline
Form Usage
  • Every Game Feedback Form is read and used by the League with a major emphasis on improving referee performance.
  • If a repetitive pattern is found in the Game Feedback over multiple games a referee may:
    • Be removed from further RDYSL match assignments
    • Participate in a Corrective Action Plans which provide additional training
  • The question To what degree would you want the referee again? is only a level of measurment. It does not effect referee assignments.
  • The League has no participation or control of referee assignments for any tournament.
  • Multiple Game Feedback Forms for a given match containing similar information are treated as a single report.
Referee Feedback Information (Complete one column only)
Referee Show
What time did referee arrive?      Format: hh:mm am/pm
  No Yes Maybe  
Did the referee give you their name?    
Was the referee appropriately dressed?    
Did a ref or assistant check the player passes?    
Did a ref or assistant check the coaching passes?    
To what degree would you want the referee again?
(Comment required if answer not Yes)
Were spectators on opposite side of field?    
    Worst   Best  
    1 2 3 4 5
Was the referee fair and impartial?  
Was the referee consistent?  
Was the referee physically fit?  
Did the referee have control of the game?  
Did the referee respect the participants?  
Did the participants respect the referee?  

Referee No Show
The game was:  
Played Rescheduled
If played the name of person that refereed the game?  

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