COVID Information

Last Updated: 4/27/2022

The COVID-19 landscape is an ever changing target. Check back here frequently for new information and updates.

Process and Procedures

  • All team members (coaches, managers, players) must complete the NYSW Waiver of Liability Form. These forms are kept by your club throughtout the season.
  • All clubs must complete the RDYSL Team COVID Compliance Form with signitures and submit with player passes to RDYSL registrar.


2022 Guidelines and Rule Modifications

  • Guidelines for 2022 Season

    If everyone follows these guidelines we will have the best possible chance of being able to compete safely during these trying times. We realize that no matter what we do, the act of playing soccer involves a certain level of risk, even in the best of times. Anyone who is uncomfortable with these risks should not be participating. For the rest of us, this is what we can do together to minimize the risk of playing this season. If everyone involved takes this guidance seriously, we hope to complete a successful season.