2017 Games for Chili Lightning
Division Coordinator: Peter Urban

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Final Version

2017 Game Schedule and Results
Game Day Date Time Status Home Team Visiting Team Site & Field
Team Name Played Fines Team Name Played Fines
10542 Tue 5/16/2017 7:30 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check Info Spencerport Gold Check   St. Pius School
10547 Tue 5/23/2017 6:15 PM Ready Fairport Fireballs Check Info Chili Lightning Check   Martha Brown Middle School #6
10549 Thu 6/01/2017 6:15 PM Ready Pittsford Mustangs Fireballs Check   Chili Lightning Check   Pittsford Jefferson Road School #3
10551 Tue 6/06/2017 6:15 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check $ Wayne Wings Check   Davis Park #10
10557 Thu 6/22/2017 7:15 PM Ready Irondequoit Challenge Red Check   Chili Lightning Check   McAvoy Park Small
10561 Tue 6/27/2017 6:15 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check   Greece United Billings Check   St. Pius School
10563 Thu 6/29/2017 6:15 PM Ready Spencerport Gold Check   Chili Lightning Check   Munn School #2
10568 Thu 7/06/2017 6:15 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check   Fairport Fireballs Check   Davis Park #10
10570 Tue 7/11/2017 6:15 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check   Pittsford Mustangs Fireballs Check   St. Pius School
10572 Thu 7/13/2017 6:15 PM Ready Wayne Wings Check   Chili Lightning Check   Wayne High School #1
10578 Thu 7/20/2017 6:15 PM Ready Chili Lightning Check   Irondequoit Challenge Red Check   Davis Park #10
10582 Tue 7/25/2017 6:15 PM Ready Greece United Billings Check   Chili Lightning Check   Grace & Truth Park F8
Key: (FF = Forfeit) (Info = Game Info with No Associated Dollars) ($ = Fines)
Division Coordinator: Peter Urban
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