Rochester District Youth Soccer League (RDYSL)

2011 Coaches Instructions
Last Update: 2011-01-03



This document is a highlight of important season information.  It is not a replacement for the Rules and Regulations that govern game play and procedures.  It is your responsibility to review and understand the RDYSL Rules and Regulations Document and all other procedures and requirements of the League.



Prior to playing their first league game all teams must have the following passes:

·         A NYSW Risk Management pass for the head coach, assistant coaches and managers.

·         Player passes that have been stamped and laminated by the league registrars.  Stock to generate player passes is distributed to the club president or their designee in January.



If you have any questions, contact your Division Coordinator (DC).  Do not directly contact the Gender Vice Presidents or the League President without engaging your DC first.


All forms, procedures, standings and schedules for the Season are on our website.  You can get copies of any of the forms directly from the site.  Please tell parents and players the address of the RDYSL web site (


Red Cards cannot be appealed to the League.


Important Dates:

Consult the RDYSL website calendar:

·         Deadline for team registration.

·         Deadline for making game changes.

·         Last day for player transfers.

·         Last day to register players.

·         Last day to play rescheduled games.


To Reschedule Games based on Preliminary Schedule:

·         You must confirm changes in the Preliminary Schedule with the opposing coach.  Every attempt should be made to find an agreeable date.

·         Game changes are to be done thru the RDYSL website only. Go to forms, then, pull up game change form.  Both coaches must have their game change forms submitted before the cut-off date.

·         You are responsible for obtaining the Final Schedule from the League website.


To Reschedule Games based on Final Schedule:

·         Games will only be rescheduled for the following reasons:

1.       New York State Cup Conflicts

2.       Acts of God

3.       Towns or schools officially declare fields not playable.

4.       Upon agreement by opposing coach and prepayment to the League of an “in-season game rescheduling fee”.  The fee is paid by the team not the club.

·         Contact your DC immediately for cancellation of a game during the League Season.

·         The game must be rescheduled and the information forwarded to the DC by both coaches within seven (7) days of the canceled game.  The game must be played no later than three (3) days after the end of the League Season.  If teams are unable to mutually reach an agreement within the required time of seven (7) days, the League will reschedule the make-up game, which will be binding to both teams. (consult the Rules and Regulations)


Game Responsibilities:

·         Pay referee at the start of the game (Home Team).

·         Coaches must provide two Game Reports, along with their player passes and coach and assistant coaches’ Risk Management passes, to the referee before the game.  The home coach will also provide a preprinted envelope to the referee for submission of the Game Report.  At the Coach/DC meeting in March, the League distributes the preprinted envelopes to the team representative. The referee will place one copy of each team’s Game Report in the envelope. The other copy will be provided to the opposing coach.  Player passes which the referee withholds for any reason (i.e. ejection’s or eligibility) will be submitted to the DC.

·         Make sure the Game Report is filled out correctly and completely.  An example of a correctly filled out game report is on the website.

·         Ensure playing field is well maintained: goal posts, goal nets, field markings, corner flags and general field conditions (e.g. grass height, no holes, etc.) Home Team.

·         Maintain a disciplined sideline – your conduct, your coaching staff conduct, player conduct, parent conduct and spectator conduct.

·         Obey the referee.

·         Ensure your team treats the opposing players, referee and spectators with respect.

·         Make sure no player, coach or parent enters the field of play without the permission of the referee.

·         Sign the Game Report at the conclusion of the game and ensure the correct score is recorded.  The home team and the visiting team are to sign the Game Report.

·         Each U8 through U16 team is to provide a competent lines person of at least 14 years of age.  Ages U17 and U19 will do there best to provide a three man referee system.

·         Home coach designates which side of the field is for the visiting team and their fans. Game will not begin until this is done. No one is permitted behind the goals during the game.

·         Let DC know of all “no-show” referees immediately.

·         Obtain your player passes back from the referee.  If a Red Card was issued, the referee will keep the player’s pass and mail it to the DC with the Game Report.

·         Fill out Game Evaluation form on website.



·         If a player is charged with a Red Card violation, the fine must be paid and the required number of games missed before the DC will return the pass.  You must pick up the pass from the DC.  Passes will not be mailed back to the players or coaches.  The fine is to be paid by check or money order only.  Cash will not be accepted.  Make checks out to RDYSL.

·         If a player is issued 2 Yellow Cards in separate games during a season, the next Yellow Card (3rd) will carry a suspension and fine.  Please refer to RDYSL Rules and Regulations Document.  It is your responsibility to ensure that the player serves the game suspension and pays the fine.

·         Remember this document is not a replacement for the Rules and Regulations that govern game play and procedures.  It is your responsibility to review and understand the RDYSL Rules and Regulations Document and all other procedures and requirements of the League.